The Park Road Challenge - 1kg Rump Steak

Saturday, November 12 2005 @ 11:21 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

The time had come. It was time to meet my destiny. The 1kg steak challenge at 16th on Park, Park Road, Milton. It was surprisingly easy

8kg of rump steak had been pre-ordered for this event, that's 8 x Park Road Challenges. 12 people showed up, so 4 of the guys had "normal" meals.

7pm, we arrive and sit down outside at 16th on Park. Not a bad restaurant this one. It had been recently renovated, and had its name changed from “The Hairy Lemon". I was surprised how quiet it was considering it was a Friday night at the start of Summer. Perfect weather, great time to get a few mates together for a big feed.


Now I have to admit, I did do a bit of preparation work for this. My training regime consisted of bacon and eggs for breakfast, 4 Smirnoff Blue Vodka’s on the rocks for lunch, 4 pints of water during the afternoon, and a few more Vodka’s after work. (the hardest thing was we had “Free Beer Friday" after work, which this month included Nando’s chicken… it was damn hard not picking up a piece of that chicken, especially considering I hadn’t had lunch!!!) And to top off preparations, I walked from the city to Milton, just to be sure I was hungry enough to eat a horse. It worked. We arrived, and my stomach was going nutso!

Chris was the first to get his steak. I was a bit surprised when it showed up actually. Much smaller than I had envisioned. Still, 1kg none the less. The challenge had begun. A few other meals came out, then Illy’s, then mine. Let the games begin.

I have to admit, I was extremely disappointed when our meals showed up. You’ve got to remember that these cost us $39ea, so not a cheap meal by any means. When the steaks showed up on a plate with a bowl of sauce and nothing else, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen better presentation at a home BBQ. For a $39 meal, I expect a LOT more. This was just ridiculous. Sure, they brought out a bowl of chips, a bowl of salad, and a bowl of vegetables, but seriously, I was hoping to have one big serve of everything, so there was no doubt that we had destroyed the “full meal". Very VERY disappointing.

Ok, despite all that, the time had come… lets get cracking!!

First impressions on the steak, again, a little disappointing. I ordered medium rare, I got closer to medium well. The steak was a little tough, but got better once you ate around the edges. I have to admit though, the sauce was really nice. A red wine and pepper sauce. It really did make this dish a lot more enjoyable, and went fantastic with the chips. Chris’ steak was cooked to his liking, but I think his was the only one cooked right, the rest were way too overcooked. It kinda frustrates me, because it happens everywhere. I’m tempted to start ordering rare steaks, just to see if that’ll get it closer to medium rare. Oh well, must keep going.

So it didn’t take long till we got our first victim, my little brother John. Tsk tsk tsk. The clown decided that it’d be a good idea to have a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds first before the Park Road Challenge. Well that backfired, and the poor bastard hit the wall early. Oh the shame! Hahahaha

Time passed, steak after steak were destroyed. It was surprisingly easy I have to admit, and a lot of the others agreed. Gooooooooone!!!!

We thought we’d barely be able to make it, but not only did I polish off the steak, I decided to fill up my plate with salad, and once I had finished that, finish off some mashed potato, then finishing off John’s leftovers, about another 200g of steak!

Overall, we all had a top time, was great to catch up with Brendan, Illy, Ches, and all the lads. Apparently there’s a few other places around Brisbane that do “oversized meals", so I’m keen to find them. If you know of any, let me know!

To see all the pics of the night, CLICK HERE!

So despite the poor presentation of the meals, the overcooked steak, and what I would call an overpriced meal considering what we got, I still had a top time. I have to admit though, the staff were quite good, everyone was very friendly, so no complaints there. I had just expected a lot more for what I paid for. I’m only going to give this place...

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