The "Big Daddy Barrick Burger"

Saturday, November 26 2005 @ 11:58 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Think the measley 6lb "96er" from Denny's is just a little too small? Then have a crack at this one next time you pop into Sin City. The Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas have created a burger 12" in diameter, weighing a total of 9lb's! $49.95, but eat it within 24hrs, and it's yours free!


For those non-diet conscious carnivores who consider a half-pound hamburger a mere appetizer, the Upper Deck Restaurant at the Vegas Club Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has just the hamburger: the 9 pound "Big Daddy Barrick Burger." Served with a bun 12" in diameter, a half head of lettuce, two tomatoes, two onions, four pickles, mayo, mustard and 12 slices of American cheese, the burger big enough to feed a softball team is available for $49.99. If one person finishes the burger within 24 hours, it is free!

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