Blue Grill's 4 pound Steakburger!

Monday, December 05 2005 @ 10:57 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Everyone loves a good steakburger. Nice and thin, tender steak, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce.... mmm... but when I heard about the 4 pound Steakburger at Blue Grill, I was impressed! With a steak pattie 10" across and 2" thick, this is something else!


The challenge of eating a 4-pound steakburger in an hour awaits those willing to make the journey to McDonough. So, I figured, why the hell not? I have been training my whole life for this sort of thing.

“What does a 64 oz burger look like?” Asked Melanie. As images of John Candy eating a prime rib bigger than a truck (movie: The Great Outdoors) kept flashing through my head.

“I don’t know.” I replied. “But that’s a shitload of red meat!”


arrived ready to go with my game face on but was instantly humbled at the mere sight of it – 3.85 lbs of post-cooked glory. The extra lean sirloin patty is an intimidating 10 inches in diameter and about 2 inches thick. Once they pile on 10 slices of cheese, 2 whole sliced tomatoes, a 1/2 head of lettuce, pickles and an onion – you’ve got yourself one mammoth sandwich that tips the scales at 5.25 pounds. And all that will only set your wallet back $18.60; that is, unless of course, you can polish it off in under an hour; then it’s free along with a T-shirt.

I entered the unassuming eatery, that is attached to a gas station, with a myriad of tricks up my sleeve, including a dramatic digestive yoga maneuver that came in handy sometime just before the midway point and nearly made me hurl.

But by that time my sleeves were rolled up and I was flat out of trickery. Approaching the two and a half pound mark I began to sweat. Admittedly, I kept wiping my brow dry so not to let TJ Dennie (owner) notice I was crumbling in the grips of that enormous beast.

The texture was becoming too redundant and the extra lean burger was getting drier with each quarter pound I put away. And the long journey home, after grotesquely stuffing my intestines with four pounds of red meat, suddenly became grim reality. “Do I have enough time?” I asked Melanie. “No, I don’t think you’re going to make it.” She replied. "You've only got about ten minutes."

The race against time and images of the gastrointestinal disorders, which must certainly be a result of accomplishing such a disgusting feat were just too much for me to overcome. I threw in the towel after nearly consuming almost three pounds in fifty minutes. Notice, I did say consuming, I’m not certain when, or if, I’ll ever finish the digesting process.

Though, I do know one thing for certain, I will be back for a rematch...

Who Dunnit?
The answer to that question is nobody. Michael Potrzuski of Norcross, a 6-foot-4, 250 pound cable technician, finished one in two hours.

Blue Grill
1030 Hwy. 42
McDonough, Georgia, USA
Tel: 678-583-1414

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