In 'n' Out 100x100 Burger

Wednesday, January 25 2006 @ 05:45 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

This next burger makes the 20 Pattie In 'n' Out Burger look like a happy meal. Yep, some crazy mofo decided to get an In 'n' Out burger worth close to USD$100!!! 100 beef patties, 100 slices of cheese... Andy, the man responsible for all of this, I tip my hat to your fine achievement of mega-fatness!


It started innocently enough with a Halloween weekend in Vegas (2004). What started as a drunken, silly weekend..became quite legendary.

Throughout the weekend, Andy kept on saying: "We should go get a 100x100 at In-N-Out". Over..and over...and over again. Until we finally broke. So on Halloween night, we went to go chowdown.


The receipt 100x100 $97.66 - 1 Dbl/Dbl, 98 Extra patties

Furiously cooking the 100x100..they were shocked. They said the biggest order they had before this was the 24x24

The Completed masterpiece

Close ups - they jury rigged a couple of boxes together

Horizontal View

I need to stop right here. Please take a CAREFUL look the picture on the right. There is a common misperception that the 100x100 has a hundred buns. No, that's not true. It's one set of buns and ONE HUNDRED meat patties and ONE HUNDRED pieces of sweaty-oily cheese in between the buns. Clearly, the worst part of this experience wasn't the was the sweaty cheese.

1/2 way done - just look the disgusting left over pool of cheese on the right

The following are some very nasty close ups. Click on the images to feel even more disgusted.

Thank God..we are almost done. 5 patties left.

Now at this point...we all feel extremely sick. VERY sick. Disgusted. It's not quite because we are all full. But it's more a factor of just being completely disgusted and nauseated by the sweaty cheese. Can you blame us...

The final 5 patties

To make us feel even more disgusting....we hit a couple of raw patties near the end

But we finished! We rule in our fatness....

All that was left was..yup...the 2 EXTREMELY soggy and greasy buns.

Gross...was anyone actually going to eat that? Oh yes...we FORCED Andy to because it was his idea. Watching this almost made us

And here is the victorious team with the great people at In-N-Out.

Here are a couple of interesting stats to summarize the experience:

  • Total calories (extrapolating from info provided here): 19490 calories
  • Total eaters 8 (2 girls and one guy who already ate dinner and only ate 6 patties)
  • Most patties eaten by one person : I think I ate about 20. I think Nalin ate about 20 as well (including the raw ones)
  • Time to finish : less then 2 hours
  • Number of people who barfed : 1 (way to go Elena!) Oh yeah.... nothing says "Vegas baby" like barfing, not because of booze..but because of burgers.

    The sad thing is, In-N-Out use to be one of my favorite things in the world. Now..the thought of it makes me sick and I haven't touched it since. :(

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