The Millet Monster

Tuesday, January 31 2006 @ 05:50 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

One of our readers sent this in today, 4.5 pounds of ground Alberta Beef, and a $500 prize if you can finish it in an hour! But if you don't finish it in time, you pay $200, with the proceeds going to local charities, a great idea!

Owner of the restless Wheels Restaurant, Abe Ame'r has issued a challenge to any one who thinks they have a huge appetite.
He has created the burger to end all burgers. The Millet Monster, as he has dubbed it, is equivalent to 32 normal quarter pounders.
The meat patty consists of 4.5 pounds of ground Alberta Beef, a loaf of bread, four large tomatoes, 12 slices of process cheese and almost a full head of lettuce plus assorted condiments.

Abe challenges anyone who thinks they are able to eat this monster to come on down and take the challenge.
Here’s the deal to date. If you are able to eat the whole thing, including the bun, and all the condiments within one hour, you get $500 in Canadian funds. If you fail, you pay $200. Of the $200, the restaurant gets $35 to cover the cost of the burger and the balance goes to the charity of your choice.
As it now stands 4 Millet businesses have jumped on the bandwagon, but as this goes to press, others will be approached to help sponsor the event. The hope is that at least $1000 will be raised as a prize.
Further developments will be posted on the Pipestone Web-site at:

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