Don "Moses" Lerman tackles the Paulisaurus Rex

Monday, February 20 2006 @ 07:42 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

One of our readers pointed me in the direction of Don's site. These guys are hilarious! In this event, Don and Kevin decide to tackle the 10lb (or so they thought!) Paulisaurus Rex from Paulie's Pizza, New Jersey. Here's their story


Hello Folks this is Cousin Chubby there will be one restaurant that I will NOT Recommend and that is Paulies Pizza in New Brunswick NJ. They advertise a 10lb pizza pie called the Pauliesaurus Rex for $58 and it is a challenge, eat it with someone else and the $300 prize money is yours!

The only problem is that the pie apparently weighs closer to 22lbs.


Don Lerman and Krazy Kevin Lipsitz gave a gallant try. Kevin and Moses weighed the pie with the tray at 17lbs and Moses was holding up the tray. They were told that the tray weighed 7lbs. After 80% finished there was 4 & 1/2 slices and it weighed closer to 5lbs. Afterwards when we asked to weigh the tray they said it was being cleaned and not available. The pie was as thick as a Sicilian with a lot of meat on it. Here are some pics, judge for yourself.

The pie was so big that Don had to hold part of it up while weighing it. The pie actually weighed more than this!

Photos by: Lorraineasaurus Rex

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