"The Big Daddy Luke", Tony Luke's Beef & Beer Sports Bar, Philadelphia

Tuesday, March 14 2006 @ 07:06 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Tony Luke's have been making sandwiches since 1939. But recently, they've opened up Tony Luke's Beef and Beer Sports Bar just over the road from the original store. And what's a good sports bar without a few good sporting challenges, like competitive eating! Tony's put up the challenge, eat the 3lb Big Daddy Luke by yourself in less than an hour, and you score a free T-shirt!

"Humble" Bob Shoudt sent in some photos of when they went down to check out the Big Daddy Luke! Get this, 3lb meat 1+ lbs roll and toppings. "Humble" Bob and Joey "Jaws" set the record in under 6 minutes (1 burger each) Unbelievable!

[Updated 5 November 2007] - Thanks to Wild Bill for the (unfortunate) info, but it seems this burger is no longer available :( Trying to get confirmation from Tony Luke himself, more updates to follow!

From: http://citypaper.net/articles/2005-04-07/food.shtml

In the world of "more-is-more," no one enjoys serving much more like sandwich king Tony Luke. Luke Sr.'s newest emporium — the industrially designed Tony Luke's Beef & Beer Sports Bar — has come up with the utmost in meat: a 3-pound burger called the Big Daddy Luke. Selling for $20 a pop, the 48-ounce Daddy isn't necessarily meant to be supped and slurped on by one person. Rather, tables of four to six have been known to take on the mammoo of meat. Yet, Luke offers single-serving competitive eaters (a veritable Philly sect since the Wing Bowl) a challenge: If a solo eater can down the Big Daddy within an hour, they get a picture on the Wall of Fame and an "I Ate The Whole Thing" T-shirt.

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