Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist, Hofheim, Germany

Tuesday, March 21 2006 @ 06:36 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

I'd actually posted some photos of this place a while ago from an email I was sent. Little did I know these people have their own web site, with even more pictures of their supersized meals. (Thanks to one of our anonymous readers for posting this in!)

According to Google Translator, Waldgeist means "The Forest Spirit". Anything to do with Sasquatch do you think? Not only do they do the Supersized Schnitzel and the Supersized Kransky, they also do a Supersized Burger, Supersized Beers, Supersized Rump Steaks, Supersized Bacardi and Cola's (8 litres!), everything in this place is Supersized! Awesome!


[Updated 8 May 2007]
Here's their new web site,


I thought I'd highlight a few images that I thought were pretty amazing. Mainly the different foodstuffs this place has to offer, the Supersized drinks, and the sheer determination on the faces of some of their customers. Classic stuff.

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First, the Supersized Schnitzel, and of course, served with fries... hahah

Here's another shot of the massive Schnitzel

Next we have some of the largest beer steins I've ever seen! Looks like they're having fun :)

Although somewhat flat, this would still be a worthy challenge (especially if you drank the beer as well!)

The Supersized Kranski, also with fries...

The look on this guys face is gold, hahahah. Oh, and that glass next to the burger? That's wine!

What's this guy holding? Well, it's an 8 litre jug filled with Bacardi and Coke. I think he's had a bit of that already :)

And finally, the menu. I love how they use the term "Supersized" (thanks to Google Translator!) The prices are fantastic too! 12 Euro's for their Supersized burger! I'm so going there...

For all of these pictures and more, click here for the full photo gallery!

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