6 Patty burger, Granddaddy's Subs, Chicago

Wednesday, May 10 2006 @ 05:39 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

This looks like a damn tasty burger

From: http://blog.w-reiser.de/?p=18

If you think you had a big burger just because you went to Burger King and had the three pattie Whopper you have not reached the top of big burgers yet. If you want the ultimative burger experience go to Granddaddy’s Subs on W Taylor St, Chicago. There you get this burger: This 6 - six - pattie burger is the top of the big burgers! And this burger also has only 3500 calories and comes with fries and pop. If you are not afraid of the size it’s worth trying it - but be careful because you act at your own risk!


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