21x21 In 'n' Out

Friday, May 19 2006 @ 06:49 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Remember that kid that did the 20x20 at In 'n' Out? Well this guy decided to go one better, eat an entire 21x21 from In 'n' Out by himself. Sweaty cheese.... so much sweaty cheese...

From: http://www.robotronia.com/burger/

IN-N-OUT 21x21 (21 patties and 21 cheese)
aka "The Blackjack"

Consumed by "BJ" 1/13/2005
Eating time: approx 30 minutes


The Receipt

The fresh 21x21 burger

Getting ready to begin

A lot of meat and cheese

Thanks In 'n' Out Burger!

The first pattys are attacked

Very posh, a knife and fork!

It's all smiles early on

Mmm, meat!

Something's missing?

Working away at the meat

Time for the next meat slab

It's bending the cutlery

Not good?

Still a bit left to go

It's starting to get harder...

Pondering the beef

Much harder now, but not much left!

Mmm sweaty cheese

Scoop up some of that tasty cheese!

The buns, some tomato, and sweaty cheese


Not much to go!

A picture tells a thousand words...

Not only does he finish the 21x21, he's scraping out the cheese!


And he's done

Thanks In 'n' Out!

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