Fuddruckers takes world's largest burger title (for now)

Tuesday, May 30 2006 @ 07:33 pm UTC

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Another record broken! Looks like Fuddruckers has managed to take the title from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub for the worlds largest commercially available burger. Dave from Megamuch did a great write up about it here. I pretty much agree with everything he said, the cost, the size, the appeal. I'm looking forward to seeing someone try and eat it though! Have to laugh at those Guinness World Record people. After the "Worlds Largest Buffet" last month, looks like they're liking Supersized Meals! (Side note: There is a larger burger available, the Mt. Olympus Burger at the Clinton Station Diner, but until I see a picture of a customer in their restaurant eating it, I'm still rating Denny's as the real winner)

From: http://megamunch.blogspot.com/2006/05/fuddruckers-takes-worlds-largest.html

On Thursday, the Fuddruckers in the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut unveiled a 29.6 pound burger (What, they couldn't add a few pickles and onions to push it over the 30 mark?). Guinness was on hand to verify the beast, which goes for $250 and has to be ordered 48 hours in advance. That's it above in all of its rather colorless, unappetizing glory.


The A 29.6-pound hamburger made at Foxwoods Resort Casino Thursday is confirmed as a world record by Stuart Claxton, left, of Guiness Book of World Records. Watching the weigh-in are, from left, Maryann Hosseini, Foxwoods food safety and sanitation manager, Scott Ferguson, executive sous chef, and Mark Collins, general manager of Fuddruckers at Foxwoods.

Another good article was this one, from the Norwich Bulletin

Foxwoods fries up monster burger
Norwich Bulletin

MASHANTUCKET -- Foxwoods Resort Casino has a burger battle on its hands. And the casino's chefs won't be backing down.

Foxwoods Executive Sous Chef Scott Ferguson made the world's largest commercially available hamburger Thursday -- weighing 29.6 pounds and costing $250 -- for the Fuddruckers restaurant in the casino. Guinness World Records verified the result. The burger is 18.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

"This is really a slice of Americana," Stuart Claxton, head of Guinness' research and TV development said. "I'm going to remember this one, definitely."

But the former record-holder -- Denny's Beer Barrel of Clearfield, Pa., with a nine-pound burger -- doesn't plan to take this lying down.

"It will be short-lived," said Dennis Liegey, owner of Denny's about Foxwoods' record.

Liegey vowed to put a 50-pound burger on his menu to re-claim the record.

Foxwoods Vice President of Food and Beverage Michael Barlow welcomed the challenge. He said if Foxwoods' record is broken, chefs will work on taking it back.

"It's friendly competition," Barlow said. "These guys don't want to be second."

Ferguson said he could have cooked a much bigger burger, though he wouldn't say how big.

"Let's just say we're not at our limit now," Ferguson said.

Whitney Bundy, clinical nutrition manager and a registered dietitian at The William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, said setting a record is fun, but there are risks when consuming too much fat and calories.

"We live in a time when super-sizing everything is common," Bundy said. "It's humorous to build a burger that big, but it definitely sends the wrong message about portion size."

Collins prepares Thursday to flip a record-breaking hamburger at Foxwoods' Fuddruckers

Larry Fletcher, Fuddruckers vice president of franchise operations, said the restaurant does not expect someone to eat more than a pound or so of burger in a sitting. He expects the burger would feed a group.

"We're talking 15 to 20 people probably," Fletcher said. "Basically we're calling it a party burger. It's just a fun thing to do."

To make the burger, chefs had to fry it on a griddle and then bake it for almost three hours. It started as 33 pounds of beef and ended up less than 25 pounds. The bun and toppings made up the rest of the 29.6 pounds.

"The only challenge with the burger is flipping it and hoping it doesn't break," Ferguson said.

Louis Godaire, 84, of Taftville was amazed at the burger, which was displayed Thursday outside Fuddruckers.

"That's too much for me," Godaire said.

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Originally published May 26, 2006

So there you have it, another record broken. Personally, I think we need to see someone actually eating it before it can really take the title, but credit does go to Fuddruckers. They have made a pretty damn big burger, now the real test, will anyone buy it?!?!

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