McDonalds to launch supersized World Cup Burger

Sunday, June 04 2006 @ 07:37 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Looks like McDonalds is making a bigger Big Mac for the World Cup! No pics yet, but will be sure to post as soon as possible...(photo here is not of actual World Cup Burger). If you're in the UK and can send me a pic, please let me know in the forums!


Fast food major McDonalds is hoping to cash in on the Football fever as it prepares to launch the World cup burger. The special burger will be available for six weeks and will be around 40 % larger than it's biggest burger the Big Mac. So after relishing it you will be left with 667 additional calories which is equivalent of 9 fun sized Snickers bars. The move has prompted outrage from health campaigners with Liberal Democrat MP Steve Webb orgainising a petition against the burger.


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