The Smelterville Inn 3lb Hamburger Challenge, Terre Haute, Indiana

Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 07:32 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

This sounds like a challenge to be reckoned with! According to their site, only one person in the history of this challenge has completed it successfully. A 14 year old boy about 20 years ago. Will they conquer this challenge? Read on!


There's a restaurant on the north side of Terre Haute, Indiana that has an interesting item on its menu. The Smelterville Inn offers a 3 pound hamburger. That's right! One hamburger that weighs 3 pounds! And if you can finish it along with a huge basket of fries, another heaping side (in our case, a whole jar of apple sauce), and your drink in 30 minutes or less, you get it all free along with a t-shirt and your picture on the wall. If not, it'll set you back around $15. We owe a big thanks for all of the money we've lost trying this to our buddy Chris Wood (one of Gary's friends / college roommate) who told us about the challenge and has tagged along on every trip.


We couldn't pass up the challenge of course and actually made trips to try it on two different occasions. Matthew and Gary made the first scouting trip and tried the challenge. But they failed and had to fork over $15 each. We might want to mention at this point that only one person in the history of this challenge has eaten it all in the time limit. It was a 14 year old boy about 20 years ago. We then made our second trip with over 20 of us in tow but only 5 people would try it. Brian, Kevin, and Ronnie gave it a good go but couldn't get the job done. BA tore into his and eventually finished the 3 pound hamburger but it took him about 90 minutes.

Then there was Jay. He said he'd tell us if he could do it when saw it. They sat all the food in front of Jay who quickly pronounced that he could finish it in time. He proceeded to do so and became only the second person in history to complete this challenge. The rest of us just enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch of double cheeseburgers. Did we mention that the regular double hamburger is 1 pound! Whew, don't try any of this at home. Actually, don't try this anywhere!

All of Us

Some of Us

Others of Us

And Yet, Another of Us

Some Girls

Some Boys

Chris Helps Brian Relax

Jay, Jamie & Chris

Kevin Waiting

Noble Enjoying His 1 Pounder

BA, Zach & Matthew Waiting

The Food Arrives; Ronnie & Mark

Jay Looks Surprised

Brian Looks Happy

3 Studs Prepare to Dig In

Ronnie Rips Into It

Kevin & Brian Are Underway

Another Angle

Kevin Looking Serious

Brian Looking Full

BA Loading It Up

BA Getting Started

Hamburger in Applesauce by BA

BA in the Heat of Battle

Brian Drinking Applesauce

Jay Loading Up

Jay Getting Started

Chris Reloading Jay

Still Looking Hungry

Mostly Finished

The Champ!

Jay with a Picture of the 14 year old

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