Beer Battered Deep Fried Bacon Double Quarter Pounder

Wednesday, June 21 2006 @ 04:07 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

It may not be big in size, but I'm sure it's up there on the calorie count! Here's a simple guide on how to make a Beer Battered Deep Fried Bacon Double Quarter Pounder in 10 easy steps! Thanks Houmam for sending this one in!


Yes, it's pretty gross. This started out as a dare from a friend on IRC, one I immediately said "OK!" to. It took a few weeks to work up the courage to try. First off, it was surprisingly tasty - everything was kind of nicely nutty, and if I'd had to eat 1/5th of one, that'd be just nice. Something like chocolate mud cake, a little goes a long way. I did eat the whole thing in the end though - it was the heaviest thing I'd ever munched on, and left me unable to each for a good 24 hours afterwards. It was thursday's lunch, and I didn't feel hungry until friday afternoon :).


Step 1: Make batter

Step 2: Get a Quarter Pounder

Make that 2

Step 3: Fry up some nice fatty bacon

Step 4: Disect the Quarter Pounders accordingly

Step 5: Add bacon

Step 6: Assemble

Step 7: Tie string around burger to hold it all together, and dip in batter

Step 8: Deep Fry in hot oil

Step 9: Fry up some beer battered French Fries

Step 10: Enjoy (well, try to anyway)

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