World's Longest Hot Dog in Portland, OR

Friday, July 14 2006 @ 07:05 am UTC

Contributed by: extramsg


When I saw "World's Largest Hot Dog and Bun" on the web site for Pioneer Courthouse Square's web site a few months ago, I was interested. It'd be overstating the truth to say that I was excited. But mildly interested, certainly so. If nothing else, it afforded me the opportunity to get out of the office for part of the afternoon...


A picture of the table holding the hot dog

The Worlds Longest Hot Dog Bun and Hot Dog, 100 feet to celebrate their 100th anniversary!

A very long hot dog!

A close-up of the hot dog

The crowd gathers

A very long hot dog!

The wait to try some of the hot dog was ages

Some kids get into the fun

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