Deep Fried Brats!

Wednesday, July 12 2006 @ 03:58 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Inspired by the Beer Battered Deep Fried Bacon Double Quarter Pounder, this guy thought he'd deep fry a few brats-on-a-bun. Not big in size, but big in calories!


June 24, 2006 - So I had some brats that I was going to flame broil up in my oven. Then I saw this link of how some guy deep fried a bacon double quarter pounder and I've eaten a Bennigan's Monte Cristo sandwich. So it was only natural for me to continue the culinary exploration into Deep Fried Brats



Boiled Brats


Sauerkraut on Buns

Brats on Buns

Brats on Buns Close Up


Toothpicks Close Up

Deep Fryer


More Batter


Deep Frying a Brat

Flipping a Deep Fried Brat

Deep Frying Another Brat

Flipping Another Deep Fried Brat

Deep Fried Brats

Deep Fried Brats Close Up

Deep Fried Brat Revealed

Deep Fried Brat Revealed Close Up

Deep Fried Brat with Mustard

Deep Fried Brat with Mustard Close Up

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