The 20 Level BK Stacker

Wednesday, August 23 2006 @ 06:05 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Burger King has recently released their "Stacker" menu, recommending a maximum of 4 beef pattys per burger. Not so, say the guys over at! They rocked into their local BK the other night and asked for no less than a 20 level stacker!


It was pretty good. the manager of the store wanted us to print off a photo of it so they could hang it in their office it was about $20 and we all pitched in. they had to make it laying down on the tray, we then sat it upright so we could take pictures and things of the sort. We just took bites out of it from the side. We had a rule that no forks could be used. BK's slogan, afterall, is "Have it your way." And, no, we didn't call in advance It was about 9:30pm at night, so no one was there anyways. Oh, and it was about $20... We didn't order it expecting it to be tasty--even though it was. We were just trying to make a huge sandwich, LOL. We're going to get a bigger one next time.


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