The 10lb Pizza, Talayna's, Chesterfield, MO

Tuesday, October 03 2006 @ 01:23 AM EDT

Contributed by: Billy

[Updated 4 Oct 06, thanks eatfeats!] This is a photo of the 10 lb Talayna's pizza. Eat it, and you get $1000. Not surprisingly, no one has. I mean, check out the look on this guys face. He hasn't even started it and he's in pain already!

The three of us decided to order the 30-inch Monster New York Manhattan Style pizza. The restaurant has a contest rewarding any person who can eat one of these pizzas and drink two pitchers of soda; the lucky-and stuffed- winner will receive $1,000. However, none of us were up to the challenge, opting instead to split the pizza between us.



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