The Gigantic "Boomer" Burrito, La Bamba's Mexican Grill, Ventura, CA

Tuesday, February 13 2007 @ 01:49 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Thanks to Zach from for sending these pics in! Zach and his buddy went to tackle "The Boomer", a gigantic burrito that lives at La Bamba's Mexican Grill, Ventura, CA. This is a hefty sized burrito, and for $9.99, pretty good value too!

We both finished it pretty quickly - I'd say that it was less than 15 minutes altogether, though we did sit and veg for awhile afterwards. Funny thing is that we were so into the burrito that we didn't really take too many pics - I got a couple of him and a couple of the burrito, but that's it.


The Giant "Boomer" Burrito from LaBamba's Mexican Grill


The cross-section

Mmm Burrito!

Bye bye Burrito!


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