's Burger Mountain!

Wednesday, February 21 2007 @ 02:40 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Now this is what I call a tasty looking burger! Created by Christine Nunn, and documented by Jason Perlow from, this burger has a bevvy of tasty ingredients, guaranteed to make you hungry!


“I just returned from Disney. No, it was not the best burger I have eaten, since Disney must cook well done, but the best burger conceptually, and one that I’m putting on the menu on Monday. Ready? Set…. Here goes… Rare fresh ground beef burger… Tomato confit… Mushroom Duxelles… Onion jam… Bernaise sauce…Toasted French roll.. OMG…I can’t wait to make it my own… My béarnaise, which, I must say, is better than bottled epcot béarnaise.”


That looks good enough to eat already. But its not done yet. (Source:

A layer of caramelized onions (Source:

Tomato confit (Source:

Bacon (Source:

Duxelles (Source:

A touch of bearnaise (Source:

Which angle do you prefer? (Source:

For more pics and info about this fine burger creation, check out!

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