The Leaning Tower of Japanese Pizza

Sunday, March 04 2007 @ 06:40 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

[via EatFeats] A group of 55 people got together in Japan to buy pizza... a lot of pizza! In fact, every item on the menu! The place is called Chicago Pizza of Japan, and the cost of the pizza they bought? 125,097 Yen, which is about US$1042. That's a lot of Pizza!


This year similar plan on February 10th was done. That is the “Chicago pizza conquest”. * Note * This continuation bat it is long enormously, is. Although you read, time is required. This plan and the quantity that all it will conquer the menu of the Chicago pizza, somehow when it climbs even in 200 public.


As for this “it is my turn which is the gluttonous challenger”, that you thought, conduct it is you sent the mail of participation application to the address instantaneously application of participation of plan starts directly. And it waited for February 10 daily allowance day in the pleasure.

With forecast the day which is the rain, I to clear up, therefore the man, or conduct is the always action was good because, weather on the other hand was good weather without deteriorating.

11:30 AM, 55 heroes got together in the Sumiyoshi station.

The news item which is different in the monkey river park after doing, (conduct it is secret is to report rise), to move the place to the “small Matsubase inhabitants of a ward mansion”, very important event the “Chicago pizza all conquest” of this day was done. Generally known “P meeting” is. The fact that at this meeting starts was generally around 13 o'clock, probably will be?

This day the number of pizzas which it orders is 40. The fact that it becomes matter of concern when baking these pizzas, how doing the pizza of other order, that is about to say whether you have judged. The consequence where 40 calls number is too multi the vanguard and dividing into second position, the pizza was carried.

The [a], by the way size of the pizza is everything “L”.

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