World's Largest Candied Apple, Bryant Park, NYC

Tuesday, March 20 2007 @ 03:45 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

As a promotion exercise, "Splenda" created the World's Largest Candied Apple by creating a huge apple shaped scaffold, filling the exterior with apples, then coating the whole thing in candy. Although not really edible (considering the steel and plastic exterior) this 3,000 pound structure containing 10,000 apples, 800 pounds of Splenda and about 100 gallons of candy-coating was a pretty good looking Candy Apple! Total calorie count, 1,228,000 calories. Celebrity Chef Bill Yosses helped out with the event, and also gave instruction on how to make a "normal" sized Candied Apple


On Thursday, October 19th, Celebrity Chef Bill Yosses and SPLENDA® Sweeteners will unveil the world's largest candied apple in New York City's Bryant Park. The giant confection, which will measure 15 feet tall with a diameter of 12 feet, is being created to celebrate the launch of the cookbook, The SPLENDA® World of Sweetness: Recipes for Homemade Desserts and Delicious Drinks.


With apple picking season in full swing, the unique candied apple reinforces that families nationwide can still enjoy reduced-sugar holiday treats, without all the extra calories. At the end of the day, SPLENDA® Sweeteners will donate the 125 crates of apples used to create the "core" to food rescue organization, City Harvest. Highlights of the candied apple include:

Weighs more than 3,000 pounds
10,000 apples will be used
800 pounds of SPLENDA® Sugar Blend For Baking will be used, which translates to a savings of 800 pounds of "added sugars" and 1,228,800 total calories
100 gallons of candy-coating will be poured

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