Tydell and Codman do the BK Octuple Stacker

Wednesday, May 09 2007 @ 02:25 PM EDT

Contributed by: Billy

Sometimes referred to as the BK Ocho or BK Octo-Stacker, Tydell and Codman head to their local Burger King to try what they call an "Octuple Stacker". At the end of the day, the results are the same. 8 slabs of BK meat, 8 slices of cheese, 8 layers of bacon. Meaty, meaty, cheesy goodess....

From: http://tydel.com/octuplestacker/

We set out on our way to Burger King, to see if we could get them to combine two of their "Quad BK Stackers" into one burger, to make an "Octuple BK Stacker" and we succeeded. We had the sole intention of just documenting our new acquisition, and then giving it to some random homeless person outside my building ... but then we realized that would just be cruel. SO I ATE IT!


Looks innocent enough

The Octuple BK Stacker

The Octuple BK Stacker

The Octuple BK Stacker (w/ Burger King Advertising!)

The start of the BK Octuple Challenge

That's a lot of meat

8 patties of beef, 8 slices of cheese

Getting through the BK Octuple

Meat Cross-section

Almost done


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