The Big Bird, The Bird, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin

Sunday, June 17 2007 @ 02:10 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Thanks to Ramsay for sending this one in via the forums! What is the Big Bird you may ask? No, it isn't a guy in an oversized yellow bird costume, but rather one of Berlin's biggest burgers! It's the Big Bird, a 750g meat pattie in a burger, served with fries and all the usual favorites. The challenge: Eat the burger and fries all by yourself in 45 minutes and it's free, otherwise it'll cost you $19. Still searching for pics and stories, but for the time being, check out the video. It's in German, and I've got no idea what they're talking about (translations in the comments very welcome!)


(From the menu) THE BIG BIRD*: You eat this burger, its FREE. 750 grams of beef with the works and a big pile of fries. You eat everything on your yourself...everything...and you dont pay...If you fail or cheat...19.-

Goldelse -
Goldelse - "The Bird" - kewego
Goldelse - "The Bird" - kewego

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