v1.5 released!

Friday, June 29 2007 @ 07:28 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy has been given a facelift! Here's a list of stuff that's been done

Digg links
You'll see a "Digg" link next to each story. For those of you who have Digg accounts, It'd be fantastic if you could digg the articles that you like. And the great thing is, all our previous articles like the In 'n' Out 100x100 show their current digg count! Diggalicious!

We now gladly accept donations via Paypal! Help keep running by dropping us a few $$'s. Conveniently packaged in your favorite meal sizes, you can donate a Happy Meal ($1.99), Value Meal ($3.99), or give a SUPERSIZED donation for $6.49! Every little bit helps!

When posting comments and stories, you weren't able to use the word "http", which meant you couldn't really post links. This was because we were getting hundreds of automated spam bots posting their crap on a daily basis. We've now got some anti-spam tech which should hopefully weed out the spammers. But best of all, you can now link to sites, images, whatever you like!

Better Forums
Forums have had a few improvements, mainly cosmetic, but please drop us a forum post sometime. We love hearing from everyone!

While we've our best to find all the bugs, there might still be some around. So if you have any problems with the site, or something isn't quite right, please email us,, or drop a post in the bugs forum

Shout outs to Andrew "Skinnyboy" Lane for helping with testing!

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the site and come back again soon!

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