Mega Hamburger Three

Monday, July 09 2007 @ 02:14 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

First there was Mega Hamburger One. Then soon after there was Mega Hamburger Two. And now lifeontheedge has done it again, creating the Mega Hamburger Three! Pineapple, Egg, Grilled Onions, Cheese, Beetroot, Sliced Onions, Mayo, Lettuce, Pickle, Sauce, and a whole lotta beef on a sesame seed bun. (served with his signature Tater Tots of course!) This is one mighty tasty looking burger!


It was burger night again - I couldn't resist. This thing was really too tall to get in my mouth, and I have a huge ogrish maw. Eating it was a bit of work.


The Supermercado on the corner had an amazing deal on fresh pineapple - I bought and butchered a whole pineapple for those two slices. Note: grilling fresh pineapple takes a lot longer than grilling canned pineapple - it also tends to produce a fair amount of juice that you've got to get out of the pan to really get good carmelization.

The only really notable detail of this burger beyond the pineapple thing is that I got indecisive and it has both fried yellow onions and sliced red onion on it. Lastly, I'm in agreement with this LA Times article - fertile eggs really do make a better fried egg.

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