The Sixty Nugget Challenge

Tuesday, August 07 2007 @ 02:13 pm UTC

Contributed by: rnast

Backstory: One day Dave, and several others, commented on the number of McDonalds Chicken McNuggets they thought that they could put down in a single sitting. Dave confidently asserted that he could do sixy nuggets. All other contenders quickly stepped aside under the pressure of such claims. This is the story of one man (Dave), a love (of Nuggets), and... "The Challenge".

Rules: 60 McDonalds Chicken McNuggets (6 x 10 pieces) in 60 minutes. Contender can drink whatever he wants, use any sauces, but must keep all food down for the length of The Challenge + 10 mins. Vomiting before the 70mins have elapsed is grounds for immediate disqualifications and months of verbal abuse.


The Challenge:

60 nuggets in 1 hour. Can it be done? First 10 piece is history. 2.5mins off the clock.

20 nuggets. At this rate he'll eat 240 nuggets in an hour!

30 nuggets gone for those keeping score at home. Dave shows no signs of wavering.

40 nuggets consumed, 20 nuggets left to go. No problem. He is slowing down a little now. I dunno though, should we have done the 80 nugget challenge instead?

Still only 40 nuggets with 15mins left to go. Dave is looking a little pale at this point. Maybe eating that order of fries while we picked up the nuggets wasn't the best idea after all. A little fresh air never hurt anyone though. No one say "puke".

He caught his second wind. 50 nuggets are now in the books. 10 mins left!

Working on the final 10 piece.

Stiiiiillllllll working on that last 10 piece. 2 mins!

Staring down the last nugget, it all comes down to this.

Last nugget... bucket is ready just in case! Although, Dave has that tunnel vision look in his eye. Can he "taste" victory or have the Nuggets gotten the best of DP?

Yeah, yeah, we get it Dave, you did it. 60 nuggets in 60mins!

Cheers to the Victor! Well done Dave. Well done.

For your enjoyment here are a few facts about The Sixty Nugget Challenge:
Number: 60 Nuggets (6x10piece)
Weight: 33.6oz (2.1lbs)
Calories: 2520
Cals from fat: 1320
Sodium: 6720mg

This is the nutritional info from McDonald's site. I actually think that they've recently made the nuggets healthier for you, so this may not be 100% accurate, but you get the idea. This also does not include any of the sauces.

The End?

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