Supersized Burger

Sunday, August 26 2007 @ 02:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Thanks to the guys over at for sending this one in. A few of their members got together and made some Supersized Burgers. Take a look, and see how the French do it!


Hi! I'm a French staff member from (so sorry if my English isn't perfect ;-). This week, we made homemade burgers with a few others members in the southern France (at Aix-en-Provence). Everyone was invited to create and realize his own recipe. So we went to the supermarket, and we buyed all we needer.


So the contest started. We made principally "classic" burgers but someone made a really supersized burger (not really a burger cause he used Bruschetta bread instead of sesame seed bun's to solve a size problem!

His recipe: 0,6 Kg (about 1.3 pounds) 20% fat ground beef, 0,25 Kg (about 1/2 pound) "Comté", french 45% fat cheese, 8 mushrooms, 8 bacon slices, oinions, fresh cream 30% fat, röstis and tartare sauce. The result is a burger that weights more than 2 pounds!

It was delicious, but we were 5 to eat it! And we hat to eat 6 others burger!

You can see all the pictures from this burgers party here:

Moderator on

Gathering the ingredients

Heading back after shopping

The receipt

The Megaburger

Bigger than his hand

The cross section

Gambrinus in the Kitchen

Eating the burger

Tasty burger!

Too big to pick up

Eating the burger

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