The Chimiburger Deep Fried Burger, Chimi's, Fortitude Valley, QLD, AU

Monday, August 20 2007 @ 02:13 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Yes, you heard right, this is a Deep Fried Burger. There's a burger joint in "The Valley" in Brisbane, Australia that is home to this fantastic creation of fatness. The ChimiBurger is a MASSIVE Double Beef Burger with Bacon, Egg, Relish, Aioli, Cheese, Tomato and Red Onion, then egg dipped, crumbed, and deep fried. They're right, this burger tastes amazing, It's a $12 burger of awesomeness. Think you can handle one? Sure, maybe so, I only managed one, but the record stands at 2.5 of these greasy gargantuans in one sitting. Can your arteries withstand the punishment of The Chimiburger?


The Chimiburger - Based on the legendary deep fried burrito, our burger is egg dipped, crumbed and flash fried for a golden experience. This artery-hardening baby has a double serve of prime beef patties, lashings of bacon, a big chunk a cheese, egg, tomato, red onion, our own signature relish and a huge was of aioli.
WARNING - Order this widow maker at your own risk as it has the potential to raise fat levels with one bite. Don't be swayed though as it's the tastiest burger on offer, trust us, once you've tried one it won't be your last.


Chimi's, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

The Menu, (Note the Chimiburger, $12)

Watching them create the burger

See up the back? That's where they deep fry the Chimiburger

The Chimiburger, packaged and ready to go!

Unwrapping the grease-soaked burger

The Chimiburger

Mmm, greasy!

Chimiburger Double Play!

A close up of the Chimiburger

A blurry close up of the Chimiburger

A blurry close up of the Chimiburger

Taking a bite of this huge burger

A close up of the burgery goodness

Dibbz loves it!

Mmm Chimiburger

The final bite

Note the grease-soaked paper

Mmm Chimi remnants

Grease soaked through the paper and the bag completely

Through the other side

That's actually a pool of grease on the counter!

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