Zoo Weekly does the Double Pounder and others

Saturday, September 01 2007 @ 07:55 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Those crazy cats over at Zoo Weekly recently heard about the Double Pounder Challenge doing the rounds on YouTube, so they thought they'd give it a crack themselves. Their fearless reporter didn't sacrifice his health on just a McDonalds Pounder, but also tried a KFC Original Fillet Burger with 5 fillets, and a Hungry Jacks (BK) Octo Stacker (8 patty Whopper). Let the meat consumption games begin!

From: Email from dibbz and Zoo Weekly

Wolfing down a heart-stopping McDonalds "Double Pounder" (a normal Quarter Pounder bun containing EIGHT meat patties with cheese) is the latest YouTube challenge video doing the rounds - a belt busting endurance test ZOO can't resist. First, we need to buy one. With more fat than five Pizza Hut deep pan pizzas, or 45 Tim Tams, you won't find it on the McDonalds Menu.


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