The Chimiburger Challenge, Deep Fried Burger x 3

Thursday, September 06 2007 @ 02:11 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

The bet was on. $100 and the burgers for free if Ben could eat 3 Chimiburgers in one sitting. If you haven't heard of The Chimiburger, check out the story we wrote about it the other week. In short, it's a MASSIVE Double Beef Burger with Bacon, Egg, Relish, Aioli, Cheese, Tomato and Red Onion, then egg dipped, crumbed, and deep fried. The record currently stands at 2.5 Chimiburgers in one sitting (set by the owner of Chimi's Burger Bar). Ben, being the competitive lad that he is, wanted to break the current record by eating 3. Some people struggle with just 1 Chimiburger, but 3? That's just freakin' INSANE!

From: via Email

Keith wrote:
Ben you up for it? Here is the deal....ill pay for the 3 burgers and a $100 bonus on top if you finish all 3....If you dont finish them, you have to pay for the burgers.... Of course, this will have to be a public display


From the original office email thread:

Ben wrote:
I'll definitely do it tomorrow at the least, I'm just debating whether I should today.
On expert advise from my doctor.......ok, really from the other people in the box that don't want to be spewed on if it goes sideways, they strongly advise waiting until tomorrow.
Chris has just brought up a good point, if the record at that store is 2.5 burgers, should we have a representative of the store here during my attempt tomorrow, as there may be some sort of prize for doing 3.

... then on the next day, Ben takes the challenge...

The Chimiburger - Burger #1

Unwrapping the Chimiburger

The Chimiburger, straight up

Ben takes the first bite

Mmm Chimiburger! Deep fried goodness

Taking the Knife and Fork approach, finishing the first Chimiburger

Finishing off the second Chimiburger

And it's onto Chimiburger #3

A brief drink stop

A close up of the innards of a Chimiburger


Ben only managed to finish 2 1/4 Chimiburgers. A valiant effort considering the record was only 1/4 of a burger away.

Think you can take on the Chimiburger Challenge? If you do, take some photos, we want to know about it!

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