Do it yourself Deep Fried Beer Battered Pizza

Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 02:11 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Ever wondered what Deep Fried Beer Battered Pizza tastes like? Wonder no more fellow countrymen, has the answer! It's quite simple really, and this guide will help you turn that crappy 3 day old pizza into a culinary masterpiece! Not for the faint hearted, or weak hearted either for that matter!


BEER BATTERED, DEEP FRIED PEPPERONI PIZZA Yes. Yes. Now I don't make a practice of patting myself on the back too often, but come on. This is pretty darn cool. We got pizza on Friday, because well it's Friday. By Sunday there were just a couple slices left and my mind was starting to wander. What to do to keep old pizza fun to eat?


Deep Fry it. But not just any frying will do. Batter it, and fry it. But not just any batter....Beer batter.

I did a little research on this. Very little, actually, but it turns out that some scottish restaurants or pubs will fry a slice of pizza for you, but it's not common and I saw no mention of beer-batter.

Another disclaimer, just for the sake of saving face. In general I eat quite healthy...lots of fish and some tofu now and then. I rarely, rarely hit up fast food places. Anyway, that's not the point of this article. Cut loose once in a while. Forget "healthy" for a minute. Don't be a sissy. Either you should enjoy this article, or you should go look for something else (note: there's lots of "something else" right here on this site).

Mix some flour and some beer. Add a lot of salt. Heat up some oil. Look it's not rocket science.

Drop a bit of batter into the oil to check if it's hot enough. If it bubbles and floats, then you're ready. Carefully dip your pizza slice into the oil. I didn't want to use a ton of oil, so I put in enough to cover it more than halfway and flipped it over halfway through.

Fry it until it's a nice golden brown. To make sure the inside is hot, you should microwave the pizza first. Don't start with it fridge cold.

When it's ready, remove your pizza from the oil and let it sit on paper towels for a few seconds. This sucker is going to soak up oil like a hooker on coke. Oh my yes. This is beautiful. The smell is wonderful - greasy crusty salty pepperoni-y... Fantastic.

Eat the first few bites with a fork and knife so you can still get in to it while it's piping scalding-oil hot. Then pick it up like a man and dig in! This would be a good time to be drinking another beer, too.


And since I had some extra batter and a pot of hot oil, I fried up some old pepperoncini peppers and some calamari from the freezer. The peppers were good, and the calamari was too, but calamari really deserves a more gentle treatment (read: flour,salt,pepper coating).


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