josefiend's Dual-layer Meatcake

Sunday, November 04 2007 @ 02:15 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Now this is a fine looking meatcake. Stacked with two layers of meatloaf, topped with mashed potato and a great looking "Meat" mural on top. The bean fence around the top was an interesting touch I thought!


meatloaf + mashed potato frosting + tomato sauce = meat cake (September 2006)


raw meatloaf with onions & peppers

raw meatloaf with onions & peppers, x2

meatloaf layer cake w/ mashed potato filling

meatloaf layer cake w/ mashed potato filling (detail)

creamy, buttery, mashed potato frosting!

M-E-A-T is for meat cake!

M-E-A-T is for meat cake (top view)

Green beans make great accessories!

Meat cake fini!

a slice of meatcake heaven (green thing = bean, not worm!)

cutting the meatcake

cutting the meatcake (more flash)

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