Graustark's Mini Meatcake of Wuv

Tuesday, November 06 2007 @ 02:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Awweee... A meatcake made for love. Seems to be a bit of a theme today with the Wedding Meatcake and all! With Graustark's husband not being much of a "cake" person and more of a "meat" person, this was the perfect birthday cake. Meat, the ultimate gift!


For his birthday, my husband got ... MEAT CAKE!!!!


Three ground sirloin patties gettin' cooked. The "meat" of the meat cake, as it were.

I put A-1 sauce and some shredded cheese on the cooked patties, then spread layers of mashed potatoes inbetween them. Since I can't cook, the potatoes came from the Central Market deli counter.

Meat cake: frosting the sides

But hm, it looks a little plain ...

Since this was for my husband's birthday, I added an A-1 sauce heart. I used a stencil cut from a piece of paper. It sorta worked, anyhow.

As a final touch I crumbled blue corn tortilla chips and dumped them all over the plate

My husband, like many guys, I guess, is more of a "meat" person than a "cake" person. When he heard that one of his co-workers had made her boyfriend a meat cake, he asked for one of his own for his birthday. So here is is (or was ... gone now)! He said it was good!

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