Rage's Birthday Meatcake

Thursday, November 08 2007 @ 02:16 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

More and more people (mostly guys) are asking their friends/relatives/loved ones to ditch the traditional sponge cake, and show up to the party with none other than a Meatcake! Too many of these at your birthdays you might not have as many as you thought left!

From: http://flickr.com/photos/bynofdoom/sets/72157601395285800/

I promised Rage a meatcake for his birthday. And I keep my promises


Prep Time

Humble Beginnings

Two Halves Make A Whole Lotta Meat!


Why Is There Bacon In The Soap?

Stewing In Bacon Grease


Top Sides


Individually Wrapped For Your Convenience

The First Storey

Apply Mortar Generously

A Giant Double Burger


Mashed Ka-Patoes!

Covered In Goo!

Blank Slate

And Now, Colour!

Just A Dab'll Do Ya!

Wilton's Kelly Green

The Finished Product

Good Enough To Eat

Cutting The Cake

Cutting The Cake

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