Skinnyboy vs Jack-n-Grill 7lb Breakfast Burrito

Thursday, January 31 2008 @ 01:09 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Andrew "Skinnyboy" Lane is back on the attack, this time at "Jack-n-Grill" for their 7lb Breakfast Burrito. This thing is HUGE! Coming out on an 18" x 5" deep dish bowl, and containing maybe 6lbs potatoes, 0.9lbs cheese, 0.09lbs eggs & onions, 0.01lbs ham bits. The Challenge: Finish it. The Prize: Jack squat, unless you're a female, where you get free food at Jack-n-Grill for life!!! (Has anyone told Sonya Thomas this yet?)


There are not too many big eats in Denver but this is one: 7 pound breakfast burrito at Jack-n-Grill. Yesterday - with T-Bonz, the scale, and the camera - I went to check it out. Females who finish it get free food at Jack-n-Grill for life. Males get TWO things: JACK and SQUAT.


Before going inside, me:


The Menu

We ordered. T, a combo plate. Me, the grande:

Close up

The burrito is stuffed with potatoes, eggs, onions, and ham bits. Lots of cheese on top. Smothered in green chile or red. I got the pork green chile. Note: maybe 6lbs potatoes, .9lbs cheese, .09lbs eggs & onions, .01lbs ham bits.

Here it is compared to a combination plate:

The dish it came in was maybe 18" x 5" and deep. The two big tortillas did not go all around it but they sort of hooded the sides and top.

The burrito was steaming hot for about the first twenty minutes or so.

Getting through it:

For the first half of it or so it was very delicious. The pork green chile is very very good. Trade out bacon for the ham and this thing would kick ass.

I kept eating.

And eating..

And eating...

I think this was the point:

Waving the white flag:

What was left:

I separated it into a pound on the left and a pound on the right. Maybe - MAYBE - I could have stuffed one side in me, but not both sides.

When I weighed in after, as expected up 5:

Next time: 1. Get bacon. 2. No Coke. 3. Do not eat breakfast first.

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