XXXXXL Cheeseburger de Waldgeist

Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 01:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

We've written about Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist a few times before, and why wouldn't we, they've got Supersized EVERYTHING! Recently one of the members over at MyBurger paid Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist a visit to get one of their signature XXXXXL Cheeseburgers. Why all the extra X's you may ask? I think the pictures tell the true story!


[Google Translated] For several years I heard. This restaurant is a legend in the world of people who like hamburgers and dishes with doses of loggers. Through a friend, we were able to take the next step and confront: THE WALDGEIST. It is in the forest that is the restaurant, snack. In one corner not far from Frankfurt. And I prefer to prevent anyone who wants to try their luck: there are between 4 and 8 weeks of waiting for a table.


But when you are there, you switch into another atmosphere, a place where friendliness has only matched doses that arise in your plates. Where the beer is not served in glasses under 50 cl. And where the prices you suggest that the madness becomes a luxury quite affordable.

I went there to find something else to confront their hamburger, the size of which is renowned the world (especially through the Internet!). And it is accompanied by a friend that I ordered the monster: THE XXXXXL CHEESEBURGER, 30cm in diameter and thinking over a kilo.

It is around a litre of beer as we waited our dishes. Knowing that the friend who has helped us to realize this fantasy took him, the XXXXXL Schnitzel, which is a cutlet panée of 1.4 Kg Both say that we expected the extravaganza. And that's what happened.

When our plates have been presented to us, we immediately knew that eventually would be very complicated. But on the other hand, the smell that emerged from our food was so delicious that it was unthinkable to leave.
After a few seconds to wonder where to start, in the form of shares of cakes that I began my challenge.

And, after being surprised by the size of the baby, is by its taste that the second big surprise came. Indeed: A MERVEILLE!
The simple ingredients: bread with sesame, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, onions, sweet pickles (exceptional!), The Emmental and .... A beef patty prepared with a lot of spices which were perfectly all.

I must confess that their half of the monster, I wondered if he did not better be lured by the "doggy-bag" because this restaurant offers to take leftovers home (yes! Very few people show up to finish in one meal) But I had a reputation to maintain, and a furious desire to go through.

Unfortunately, I have not succeeded. And 1 / 6 th of Cheeseburger was cut and eaten on Sunday evening. Despite this, I was really to the end of my abilities, and I did not think being able to go so far. Additionally, it was very easy to digest, probably because the ingredients were of good quality. In conclusion, this experience will remain etched in my memory. Not only because of the burger, but also thanks to all the memories that have enamelled this afternoon. If I can give you advice, do that at least once in your life, because if you really love good food and large quantities, all this in an atmosphere of laughter and fun: Go to WALDGEIST! Once in a lifetime, the tour is really worth the candle.
And if I do I still not convinced, I hope that the photos will do for me.
I take this opportunity to pass a hello to Luke, who welcomed us and led to WaldGeist, and Lawrence, my companion but also room burger.

I put 20/20 at this burger, because perfection is not of this world, and that in another time, we changed the world.

Price (2008): 16 €

Site snack:

XXXXXL Cheeseburger de Waldgeist

XXXXXL Cheeseburger de Waldgeist

Inside the XXXXXL Cheeseburger de Waldgeist

Checking the bun

Checking the lettuce

The cross section

Mmmm almost finished!

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