Mitch and the World's Hottest Burger Video

Monday, July 07 2008 @ 01:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Remember the World's Hottest Burger? Andrew blogged about it a while ago, and then Cranky gave it a go, which ended hilariously. Yet after all those warnings, Mitch thought he'd give it a crack. We've heard the stories, now see the video! See what the World's Hottest Burger actually does to Mitch, funny stuff!! (not for Mitch though!). Mitch, we salute you! Thanks Cory!


The burger made by Off The Wall Diner at Wellington Pt in Brisbane, Australia is the worlds hottest burger and challenges anyone to make one hotter. Finish it without drinking anything during the challenge and a short while after and your name will be immortalised on the Worlds Hottest Burger honor board.

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