The Australia Day 1kg Steak Challenge, Caxton Hotel, Brisbane, AU

Thursday, January 15 2009 @ 01:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Once again it's awwwwn! The Caxton Kilo Challenge is back for its second year of beefy goodness. The Challenge: Eat the "Caxton Kilo", a 1kg (35oz) steak, with sides (Potato, salad). The Prize: A "Goodies" bag. (If it's the same as last year, vouchers, merchandise, hat, etc). Don't miss out, last years event was fantastic!
Update 17/1/09: The price will be staying the same as last year - $35.90!

From: The Caxton Hotel

Yes… we will definitely be doing the challenge again over the Australia Day Long Weekend. It will be running during Lunch (12-3pm) from Friday 23rd – Monday 26th January.


The Caxton Australia Day Flyer

The Caxton Kilo

On the plate, ready to go

A mighty fine steak

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