The Australia Day 1kg Steak Challenge, Caxton Hotel, Brisbane, AU

Wednesday, January 28 2009 @ 01:11 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

It's Australia Day, 2009, and what better way to celebrate our Aussie lifestyle than with a cold beer and a 1kg Rump Steak. Behold! The Caxton Kilo Challenge! The Challenge: Eat the Caxton Kilo, Potato (baked or chips) and salad. The Prize: A bag of goodies. Let the challenge begin!

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We arrived at around 12:30 and sipped a few bevvies in the bar before heading down to the dining room. The table adjacent to us was well into the challenge when we arrived, and a few of them were struggling. Would we be able to tackle the Caxton Kilo, and could I do it 2 years running?

The Caxton Kilo Challenge. 1kg of Pure Rump Steak! Conquer the Steak & Be Rewarded!

The 1kg Rump in its uncooked state (this wasn't one of ours unfortunately, I think ours were bigger!)

A Challenger Appears! Vicki happily volunteered to join me due to a few late exits from the competition (lronpaw? Karim? astr0? Surely the kilo wasn't that scary!)

The Caxton Kilo

Vicki is ready and eager for the challenge ahead!

Woo hoo! Thumbs up for the kilo!

The steak is cooked Medium Rare, just how I like it!

Almost finished!

Vicki not feeling so happy about eating a kg of steak now


2009, the first challenge of the year complete!

The remnants of Vicki's plate, also gone!


The Challenge was complete, and we both received a goody-bag each containing a stubby cooler, lanyard, Caxton calendar, sticker, pen, mates rates card and a certificate.

Another year, another great steak and challenge from the Caxton. Nice one!

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