McDonalds Double Cheeseburger Speed Eating Challenge

Thursday, February 12 2009 @ 01:06 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Due to the overwhelming response to our earlier post, "HanzoHK does the White Castle Challenge", I thought I'd post another one. The Challenge: Beat this guy's 19 second time of eating a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger. The Prize: The honor of being the fastest of course!


I claim the youtube record for mcdonalds double cheeseburger speed eating. The rules, Entrants must use mcdonalds double cheeseburger. Gerkins can be removed if they make you puke. Burger can be seperated and sections can be eaten in any order. Drinks can be used to aid wash down if necessary. When finished, entrants must open mouth ,sticking tongue out and hands displayed to show burger is completely swallowed. If u think u can beat it, have a crack. It helps if you are a fat greedy bastard like me lol!

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