Fiona Chan gives the Double Pounder

Monday, May 04 2009 @ 12:02 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

What are friends for? Fiona Chan's wanted a birthday present.... a food present to be exact. And what better gift than a Double Pounder from McDonalds? Taking two McNuggets boxes to hold the beast, Fiona's friend set out on a quest to conquer the Double Pounder. Will they succeed?


Double Pounder= McDonalod's Quater Pounder x 8. Total cost = $15.55


$1.60 for each extra meat paddy

Unveiling The Beast

The beast needed two McNuggets boxes to contain it.


What's left of the double pounder.

You know McDonald's Quarter Pounder? Well, times that by 8 and you get... a DOUBLE POUNDER!

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