In-N-Out 3 4x4s Challenge

Thursday, May 07 2009 @ 12:10 pm UTC

Contributed by: iwst99

I had posted a video on youtube that was more for comedic purposes. My boss had challenged me to a Fatburger 24oz eating challenge, including fries and a drink, which I completed and posted online. It was meant to be funny and I made a fake training montage out of it and everything. Some people started complaining that it wasn't a good enough challenge and that they could do better, even though it was just a joke.

I decided to go to In-N-Out that day and do a better challenge. I know there's a few 20x20 challenges out there, but those are only with one bun, and no fries or shake. I decided to do 3 4x4s, plus the fries and a Neapolitan shake. The buns, fries and shake add up immensely, but it was so delicious. I feel for those that haven't enjoyed the awesomeness that is In-N-Out. I'm yet to receive a response from anybody who complained about my previous challenge.


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