Lozy's Manwich

Sunday, June 14 2009 @ 01:12 PM EDT

Contributed by: Billy

This ain't your run-of-the-mill sandwich... oh no... this is a MANWICH! A sandwich that only a man could make (or eat!). Lozy, long time fan of SupersizedMeals.com created this monster for our viewing pleasure (and no doubt his eating pleasure!) Lozy, we tip our hats to you and your Manwich!

From: Email from Lozy

In a desperate attempt to get a mention on your website we have designed and built our own manwich to try and put Nottingham (UK) on the map.


The manwich we built has:

1 Tiger Loaf
1 squeezy bottle of mayonnaise
16 rashers of unsmoked back bacon
10 beefburgers
1 Packet of onion rings
10 slices of burger cheese
½ bottle of BBQ sauce
2 packets of BBQ chicken
1 large packet of cooked ham
Another 10 slices of cheese
6 tomatoes
1 Cos Lettuce

..and it tasted fantastic!

James and Lozy

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