The XXL Burger, Broadway Hotel, Wooloongabba, QLD, AU

Monday, August 03 2009 @ 01:02 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Here's a burger with a little bit of class, but a whole lotta beef! Benno from the Brisbane Burger Safari sent this one in. It's the XXL Burger with double giant wagyu patties served at the Broadway Hotel at Wooloongabba, QLD, AU. Who says that Wagyu has to be restricted to all those flashy high class restaurants?


Big Burger Nirvana found in inner city Brisbane!! The Broadway Hotel at Wooloongabba has a new Burger Bar kind of restaurant along with a cook your own steak menu. The Burger Menu is called 'Oh! Burger It!' and the XXL Burger with double giant wagyu patties would have to be the star. This burger is a giant, so only attempt it if you are hungry.


Burger Porn Deluxe!!

The beer didn't last very long!

This is the burger that rekindled my desire to blog burgers. Ive been trying to lose a bit of gut, with some success, hence the lack of burgerventures documented lately.
Anyways - Great burger, awesome pattie - obviously too big to fit in your mouth but topped with bbq hickory sauce, well cooked bacon, proper tasty cheesy and some gourmet lettucey mix.

Fantastic! 9/10 and yes I ate it all.

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