World's Biggest Meal Deal, The BF Mega Deal, Maryborough, QLD, AU

Tuesday, August 18 2009 @ 01:13 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Could this be the World's Biggest Meal Deal? Forget Supersizing your Big Mac Meal, this bad boy would make that look like a junior burger combo. Weighing in at 3.3kgs (7.25lbs), it's the BF Mega Deal! The Challenge: Eat the meal deal which consists of their BF Burger (1kg/2.2lbs), 1.3kgs/3lbs of their "Blood and Guts Chips, and a litre of water in 40 minutes or less. The Prize: Get the meal for free, and a plaque on the BF Mega Death Wall of Fame with your photo. No one has been able to finish it yet. Are you up to the challenge?


The Big Burger Shack has released possibly the biggest meal deal in the world and at 3.3 KG’s it’s a mammoth affair. The meal deal consists of their BF Burger, 1.3ish KG of Blood and Guts chips and a litre of water. When asked why the water the MD just said “Well we don’t want to get into trouble with the healthy brigade now do we.” The BF Burger is of course the same 1KG Burger they are well known for and Blood and Guts chips are fried 13mm chips with BBQ, Tomato, Chilli and Sweet Chilli sauce topped with Mayo and dripping with melted cheese.


So far the deal has been on sale for 2 weeks and although there have been many people reckon they could eat it none have stepped forward such is the massive challenge this deal presents.

Eating the deal as usual comes with a catch, if you can eat it in under 40 minutes it is free. You also get a plaque on the BF Mega Death wall of fame with your photo.

The BF Mega Deal

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