Food Challenge Spaghetti - 5 Cans In 5 Minutes For $150 DEFEATED!

Tuesday, August 25 2009 @ 01:06 PM EDT

Contributed by: Billy

Back mid June we posted a story about the 5 Cans in 5 Minutes challenge that had $150 up for grabs. Not long after, it looks like the challenge has been defeated! Relatively unknown to the competitive eating scene, thepeanuttyman took on the challenge and one himself three crisp fifties for his trouble. Congrats thepeanuttyman, after 5 x 14.5oz cans of Chef Boyardee w/ Meatballs, you deserve it!


HAHA! So I can't believe I tried this, but after watching the original challenge, I couldn't help but wonder just how difficult of a challenge this would be. Needless to say, it was one of the most painful and disgusting things I have ever done. I won't lie, I am pretty embarrassed I am even posting this, but man, the prize money is pretty good incentive. Hopefully, anyone who recognizes me won't think less of me ;] Either way, enjoy!

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