The KFC Quadruple Down

Wednesday, September 02 2009 @ 02:02 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Come on, admit it. You thought that the KFC Double Down was a fake. Surely they couldn't create a sandwich that's made entirely out of meat? Well they did! But apparently 2 chicken fillets just aren't enough, the guys over at made it even better, The Quadruple Down. Now lets see how long it takes before they make this into a KFC menu item!


So it turns out the Double Down is not a fake. KFC is actually testing out a “sandwich” that uses two breaded, fried chicken breasts instead of bread. But I say why stop at just two chicken breasts?…or even three?


Behold the Quadruple Down! With four fried chicken breasts, bacon, special sauce, Swiss and pepper jack cheese, the Quadruple Down can only mean one thing: quadruple bypass.

The KFC Quadruple Down

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