The Australia Day 1kg Steak Challenge, Caxton Hotel, Brisbane, AU

Saturday, January 23 2010 @ 01:33 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

The year: 2010. The place: The Caxton Hotel, Brisbane, Australia. The Challenge: For the third time, take the Caxton Kilo Challenge, eat a 1kg Rump Steak, fries, salad. The Prize: A bunch of merchandise and vouchers. And coming back for the second year, Karim. Last year K-Man struggled. Has he regained enough form to successfully complete this years challenge?

From: The Caxton


First, there were two. Sean and I were booked in for the Caxton Kilo Challenge, while Karim, Mish and friends were going to "eat salads" and support our cause. But for Karim, 2 pints would be all it took for him to gain enough confidence to take on the challenge (I opted for straight Vodka, a brave man downs pints of beer before an eating challenge!). Would liquid courage be enough for Karim to take home the prizes and honor that is "The Caxton Kilo Challenge"????

The Caxton Hotel, 2010

The challenge started off with the usual "meeting at the bar" for a few pre-competition drinks. My preference? Straight Vodka doubles on the rocks. Gets my appetite going. Sean started on the beers, but soon switched to Vodka after discussions of strategy and previous comps began. Karim, however, convinced that he wasn't going to take the challenge, continued on with Pints of beer.

The "Specials" board

We ended up out the back at the beer garden. What better place on a day like today to down copious amounts of beef!

The Caxton Kilo Challenge Flyer

The good old "Caxton Kilo Challenge" flyer found its way up onto the wall.

3 x 1kg Rumps raw!

Unfortunately I forgot the golden rule of taking photos for eating challenges... the can of Coke, or the 20c coin! Trust me, these things were huge, and that platter certainly wasn't small....

The close up

Here's my 1kg steak with a 20c coin for reference

Mmmm kilo steak! Looks a little like the USA, don't you think?

The challengers, Karim, me, Sean

Ready, GO!

The cross-section

What a lot of people don't realise with this challenge is that the quality of this steak is superb. It's easy to eat 1kg of this stuff when it tastes this good!

16 minutes into it, and Sean is destroying the challenge!

Sean, this challenge isn't timed ;)

24 minutes, and Sean is done!


Karim going strong

There was no way Karim wasn't going to finish this year!

The last bite

35 minutes and I'm finished!

42 minutes and Karim is finished!

The victors

Adorned with a bevvy of merch!

This year we got a ton of really good merchandise (way better than last year). On the list, Challenge Certificate, Monday Half Price discount card, Tuesday 2 for 1 discount card, Wednesday free dessert discount card, hat, aviator sunnies, Tooheys New stubbie cooler, XXXX Gold Stubbie Cooler, Corona steel bottle opener, XXXX Gold Bar Runner, fame and fortune (I'm sure that comes later...) If you get the chance, do the Caxton Kilo Challenge!

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