The Nindigully Road Train Burger, Nindigully, QLD, AU

Saturday, April 03 2010 @ 01:15 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Road Trains are massive, almost as massive as this Supersized challenge at the Nindigully Pub. Meet the Nindigully Road Train Burger. Not sure of the weight on this one, but if the 1.2kg Meat Patty is anything to go by, I'd say with chips, sauce and onion rings, this would weigh in somewhere around 3-4kg! The Challenge: Eat the Nindigully Road Train burger in one sitting with french fries, onion rings and a selection of sauces. The Prize: Nothing from what I can tell, but you'd surely get boasting rights anywhere in Australia!

From: Email from Corinne

ONE GREAT AUSSIE THING TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE ? STOP FOR A BITE TO EAT AT THE NINDIGULLY PUB IN WESTERN QLD! The tiny township of Nindigully is located on the edge of the Queensland outback - 160km west of Goondiwindi, about 530km west of Brisbane, and approximately 70 km north of the Queensland/New South Wales border. Nindigully Pub is Queensland's oldest hotel, located in its original condition and position on the banks of the Moonie River. The licence was issued in 1864 after operating as shearers accommodation for the Nindigully Station.


The "boom" town has now been reduced to just two houses, the pub, the old general store and the town hall, with a population of six! Nevertheless, it was voted the Best Country Pub in Australia in 2006 by 44 Australia magazine, and you can see why - it has become famous for its truckie's feed of the Nindigully Road Train Burger this giant hamburger is served with French fries, onion rings and a selection of sauces, says it will feed 1- 4 people, and costs $36 - the meat patty alone is 1.2kg!

How do you reckon you'd go?????

The Nindigully Pub

Inside the pub, voted the Best Country Pub in Australia in 2006 by 44 Australia magazine

They've got inch thick steaks too!

The Nindigully Road Train Burger!

Sizing up the burger

Now that's a happy man!

It's hard work downing the Nindigully Road Train Burger

The cross-section

Now that's a tasty burger!

The cross-section

Another look

Another look

Damn it's getting hot in here!

Slowing down? Did he finish it? Who knows!

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